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Weekend Comeback is a 4-piece ensemble full of enthusiastic full-time musicians. Everyone in the band takes turns singing, so you get a lot of different voices and great harmonies throughout the night. Their female singer also plays saxophone, and you’ll find their drummer/MC does a great job connecting with the audience and making the party fun. With the help of well-crafted tracks, this group can sound as large as a huge band, delivering a crisp and impressive assortment of musical styles and genres. This is a great band for entertaining people of all ages and ensuring the dance floor is packed at any event!



  • Drums

  • Bass/Guitar

  • Keyboards

  • Lead Vocal/Sax (Total Singers = 4)

  • Tenor Saxophone (7pc band only)

  • Trombone (7pc band only)

  • Trumpet (7pc band only)

Live Cocktail Ensemble
  • Guitar

  • Cajon

  • Singers (All 3 sing)

Ceremony Music Options
  • DJ

  • Soloists (piano)

  • Duo (piano/guitar OR piano/singer)

  • Trio (piano, guitar, and singer)

There are no words to say how amazing this group is! They MADE the party and we heard only highly positive feedback for our choice of entertainment. We had guests on the dance floor non-stop the entire night. They had an EXCELLENT playlist based on the tastes we had given them to prepare, and they adjusted their set list based on the guests enjoyment and participation. Nic is so good at communicating and took all of the stress out of my hands. He asked what we needed in preparation and then handled everything entertainment & sound related for the next 5 hours, including the music before they got up, during intermission, and while they packed up. The band was incredible to work with, 10/10 customer service. They put on an INCREDIBLE performance and rocked such a huge variety of well known (and danced to!) covers. They put their all into it and it shows. Their talent is UNMATCHED. I cannot recommend Weekend ComeBack strongly enough. We thought the value for the cost was a steal, and would absolutely hire them again (not that another wedding is in the cards ;) ). Live music was our "splurge" and we have no regrets. The guests had more fun dancing and singing along than I've ever seen at a wedding or party. We plan to catch one of their shows again soon!

Angie M.
The Knickerbocker, New Holland Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI) 
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