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Who We Are

At Detroit Event Company, we help our clients select the perfect vendors to create a flawless event so their guests have a great time and are amazed by their hosts. We know hosting an event can lead to a lot of pressure and stress, specifically about dazzling your guests with incredible entertainment. Our job is to learn what it will take to make your event perfect, then help you hire and manage the entertainment that brings your vision to life! The best part? Everyone will leave the event thinking YOU are the mastermind behind it all!

Whether you're looking for a full band, a singer/songwriter, a jazz trio, or a killer DJ, we've got you covered. We've partnered with the best entertainers around and paired that with our proven process to make sure the experience is fun and hits the mark every time.


As Detroit Event Company continues to grow and evolve, we fall back on five core values that remain constant in our culture. These values guide our business, our services, and our brand. We select our team members based upon these values and we choose our entertainers and our clients based upon a fit around these values. This is who we are.

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Open communication is at the root level. Our team debates passionately and openly regularly to ensure we’re on the same page. We believe in the “get it right” vs “be right” mindset. By listening to understand and not reply, we can be more articulate verbally and in writing.


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We believe in the importance of making and honoring meaningful commitments, saying no when you should, being on-time and fully complete, and taking responsibility (no blaming or excuses)... except when you can’t, then communicate and renegotiate right away.




Knowledgeable ≠ Know It All.
We embrace that learning has no finish line and we work together to creatively solve problems and continue to grow. We believe in the power of saying “I don’t know, but I'll find out."

We love what we do and it shows! Our team approaches each day with passion, enthusiasm, and tenacity, working to empower and encourage one another to be our absolute best… while of course having fun!

We believe that transparency and honesty win the day, so we let our guard down and let each other into our world. That means treating others like the family members we love.


We help people create collaborative environments so that everyone feels a sense of security and inclusion.

We believe that collaboration is an essential part of good decision-making. Are there bad ideas? – sure! But sometimes bad ideas spoken aloud can lead to amazing ideas, and we believe that the best ideas always win! Because of that, we believe every environment we touch – in the office, in client meetings, or at events – should be one where everyone feels safe enough to speak up and share their opinions. If everyone feels included in the decision-making process, we will all rally together around great ideas.

Within the event space, we believe it’s crucial to create environments where people feel safe enough to be themselves. We want the wallflowers in the middle of the dance floor and everyone to feel confident they can be their true selves. We work hard to ensure our events don’t feel like those intimidating school dances from our childhood, but welcoming gatherings where everyone can be a part of the fun. 

Events are about being part of something bigger than ourselves and creating memories that will last a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we do to create those experiences for our clients.

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A Different Way to Book Entertainment

What's the best way to book entertainment for an event? Everyone has their own philosophy. Ours is to be different, rather than try to be better than everyone else. If you're looking for a menu of bands to choose from, there are resources all over the internet for that. Instead, we provide a personalized approach that begins with a short phone call to confirm we're a good fit. We follow that up with a consultation we call our "Engage Meeting," where we learn all about your vision and style. Then, we send you a custom proposal with entertainment options we think you’re going to love! Once you've reviewed the proposal, we guide you through the contracting process -- whether it starts with a phone call with the band leader or DJ, a preview of a live performance, or talking through the specifics of your contract. We're here to help you navigate through territory you're probably not all that familiar with, and we're happy to be your guide!

How We Bring Your Vision To Life

Because we believe that every event should be unique, we start our process by getting to know you to understand what you have in mind, and to make sure we can help you. Once you've done the hardest part in choosing your entertainment, you can focus your attention on other things until we kick off the Design phase between 60-90 days before your event. We always kick off weddings 90 days in advance, and other events are usually around 60 days, but we'll work with you to follow a timeline that makes sense for you. Our Design phase starts with a questionnaire that will provide us with some basic information, and then we'll meet to review everything in detail. Our philosophy is to ask questions to help you discover the timeline and event flow that feels right for your vision, and we'll provide some gentle pushback along the way if we feel a decision doesn't align with your goals. After our meeting, we'll stay in touch as you dial in the details, and then we'll do a final review call the week of your event to confirm everything is set and ready to go. When event day comes, we'll do our thing so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

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Do you live and breathe music? Is event entertainment your specialty? Detroit Event Company is always looking to work with the best acts in town. If you’re interested in becoming part of the DEC family, please fill out the form below. We look forward to getting to know you!

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