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Parallel Fifth is the real deal -- a five-piece band that delivers music from all decades and all genres with energy and authority. With a set list designed to keep the dance floor moving, this band has been "the buzz" in Metro Detroit for the past 10 years. They are going to work hard leading up to your event so they learn every detail and expectation you have, with the ultimate goal of delivering an incredible experience for you on the event day. For Parallel Fifth, it's all about helping your guests forget about the world for a while and relish the moment.


  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Guitar

  • Keyboards

  • 1 Lead Vocalist (Total Singers = 4)

  • Saxophone (6pc band only)

Live Cocktail Ensemble
  • Bass

  • Guitar

  • Cajon

  • Singer

Ceremony Music Options
  • DJ

  • Soloist (guitar)

  • Duo (guitar + cajon/bass/singer)

* Note: Parallel Fifth does not include learned songs for special dances. They will play any song on their song list, or play those songs via DJ track.

From the very first song we saw Parallel Fifth, we knew they’d be perfect for our rock-themed wedding a few weeks ago. 

Throughout the whole process, Scott and the whole band were fantastic to work with! Especially at the reception, everyone RAVED about how amazing the band was: both in performance and personality. From Shania Twain to Bon Jovi to Nirvana, everybody was out dancing the entire night!!! The highlight of the night was when my husband joined them to play “All the Small Things” on the guitar.  Overall, if you want to have an outrageous party, you cannot go wrong with Parallel Fifth!! They rock!!!

Mady K.
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