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With world-class talent and effortless style, this party powerhouse transforms every event—from rustic winery weddings to luxe urban soirees—into larger-than-life experiences. You’ve never seen a band like BanD/J – because they’re the band that thinks like a DJ. They perform songs you’d never expect from a live band, and they mix and mash up the songs in a way that keeps people on their feet all night. The performers have backgrounds in music, voice, dance and theater and they feel lucky to celebrate life’s brightest moments with their clients. If you’re ready for a show that feels like your own specially designed concert, this is the band for you.


  • Drums

  • Keys/Keybass

  • Guitar

  • Lead Singer

  • Rapper

  • 4 Additional Singers (9pc Band Only)

  • Saxophone (12pc Band Only)

  • Trombone (12pc Band Only)

  • Trumpet (12pc Band Only)

  • Note: the 3-piece horn section or 3-dancers can be added to the 5pc or 9pc line-up

Live Cocktail Ensemble
  • Drums

  • Keys

  • Guitar

Ceremony Music Options
  • DJ

  • Soloist (piano)

  • Duo (piano + guitar OR piano + singer)

  • Trio (piano, guitar, and singer)

  • Facebook
  • YouTube


Lisa & Mark

Private Residence

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