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Hailing from Metro-Detroit, Holly and the Johnnies are a high-energy dance and variety band that centers around keeping the dance floor moving. Each member bringing years of experience and a multitude of vocal and instrumental arrangements, which allows their audiences to authentically experience the music of the past 5 decades. They clearly have a lot of fun on stage, with their female singer and male bass player/singer leading the way, they can flex to different sized lineups to match a range of styles and budgets. This band is booked A LOT, so the pople that can get 'em are always excited.



  • Drums

  • Bass/Lead Singer

  • Lead Guitar

  • Guitar/Saxophone

  • Female Lead Singer (Total Singers = 4)

  • Keyboards (8pc band only)

  • Trombone (8pc band only)

  • Trumpet (8pc Bband only)

Live Cocktail Ensemble
  • Bass

  • Guitar

  • Cajon

  • Singer

Ceremony Music Options
  • DJ

  • Soloist (guitar)

  • Duo (guitar + cajon/bass/singer)

Holly and The Johnnies are a must have for a wedding!! We worked with them for our wedding music, reception music, and our MC and It was such an amazing experience. For the reception music the guitarist learned the processional, ceremony, and recessional songs and performed them flawlessly and beautifully. The 8-piece band was great, and all our guests loved them, they kept the dance floor packed the entire night! The most stress-free part of the wedding planning process was working with them they are professional, pleasant, and most importantly they are phenomenal musicians.

Shelby & Mike
The Dearborn Inn (Dearborn, MI)
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