Our Booking Process

Booking process

A Different Way to Book Entertainment

What's the best way to book entertainment for an event? Everyone has their own philosophy. Ours is to be different, rather than try to be better than everyone else. If you're looking for a menu of bands to choose from, there are resources all over the internet for that. Instead, we provide a personalized approach that begins with a short phone call to confirm we're a good fit. We follow that up with a consultation we call our "Engage Meeting," where we learn all about your vision and style. Then, we send you a custom proposal with entertainment options we think you’re going to love! Once you've reviewed the proposal, we guide you through the contracting process -- whether it starts with a phone call with the band leader or DJ, a preview of a live performance, or talking through the specifics of your contract. We're here to help you navigate through territory you're probably not all that familiar with, and we're happy to be your guide!

Does our process give you the confidence that we can help you select the perfect entertainment for your next event? Schedule your inquiry call today, send us a text, or contact us to learn more about how we can make your next event truly special.

Our Tried + True Event Process

1 Engage

  • We reach out to learn about about your vision.
  • We recommend entertainers, share their info and pricing.
  • We set you up to see a live show.

2 Design

  • We meet with you to discuss your style, event flow, song choices and unique elements with an in- person or video chat meeting.

3 Review

  • We call you to review and finalize the details.
  • We coordinate logistics directly with the venue and your other vendors.

4 Party

  • You kick back, relax and have a great time.
  • We get to work!

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